Plasmas finished!

Live forum:


05-06-2006 14:28:24

I'm in approval for plasmas... Crosses fingers hope everything goes well in my approval process. http//img="" alt=""/img362/7166/inreview3rb.png

I'm so excited! Thank you so much OC for a smooth experience! D


05-06-2006 16:22:03

Congrats (& good luck.) How many refs had OOD?


05-06-2006 17:24:36

http//img="" alt=""/img221/3108/finito7va.png

DONE DONE DONE and PLACED order... LESS THAN AN HOUR OF APPROVAL!! What an experience!

OC> everyone else


05-06-2006 18:14:50

5 ood btw Peinecone since I signed up early rather than the new 7 people have to do. I had them do StartLogic, Tassimo, Bingo Offers, Earthlink


06-06-2006 17:37:56

congrats, i would have chose a plasma and bragged to my friends like no tomarrow


06-06-2006 18:13:32

problem was that all the TVs on their site are retailing for a few hundred under 1500, so i took the paypal... btw OfferCentric is the best company by far and will remain solid and successful if they keep their hard offers even though people don't like these offers, they won't allow the company to fold like FreePay did.


24-06-2006 14:11:32

i got paid ... all that 1.5 k... i forgot to post it for 2 weeks but i'll post a pic later on tonight