Free trial questions (eFax)

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14-12-2004 18:35:37

When you sign up for the free trials (ie eFax's 30 day free trial), and you wait until your account gets credited before you cancel the free trial, will they UNcredit your account for canceling the free trial after a few days?


14-12-2004 19:27:48

they can, but in most cases they wont


14-12-2004 23:32:28

i just did the efax offer, and you can't just cancel your account right after you're credited. you have to wait until your 30 day free trial period is up before they will cancel your account.

and, there is only one specific day you can cancel your account without it getting charged the monthly fee of $12.95


15-12-2004 10:42:28 them and tell them you wish to cancel, they may offer to extend your free trial but if you aren't interested tell them that...and they will cancel it (it will remain active until the last day of the free trial and be automatically cancelled)