Does the 5th referral take more time to turn green?

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14-12-2004 15:34:14

I know a buddy who did a referral for me and this will be my 5th referral...he did blockbuster and it seems like its taking forever compared to how fast they have turned in the past...before a 5th turns green do they check out your account and make sure its all legit...or do they do that more when you submit your account and order a gift?

xXx My Story xXx

14-12-2004 15:36:34

u dont submit ur account at gets check automatically once after 5 refs, then another time for if u check out with an extra gift.

DrEaMs In DiGiTaL

14-12-2004 15:53:29

I just got my 5th, which was Blockbuster. It was done on Saturday, and I got credit on Monday (I think they don't work on Sunday). So I don't think it takes any longer. After you get your 5th referral, it automatically submits for approval.


14-12-2004 16:24:52

Oh ok, gotcha..thanks for the help D