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14-12-2004 13:05:39

Hello. I am about to sign up for if anyone is interested in me signing up under them just pm me.


15-12-2004 09:27:59

Sent pm ....


03-01-2005 19:24:16

Stupid question but this only needs 5 referrals correct? i was thinking about signing up but i wanted to be sure of that and i need a good conga or something, i dont feel like working very hard for this. feel free to PM with information


03-01-2005 22:40:23

You should... this is a very good offer... 5 referrals gets $275... thats the most per referral you can find, with the exception of the ipod. (45 bucks per 6 referrals)


07-01-2005 08:07:15

Yes, I'm looking at this also. I think I just want the cash. Can someone please pm if they know of a good conga line/circle or trade?


08-01-2005 21:01:07

Okay, I signed up. I found a pretty empty conga on a site that looks like it wont screw me over, I hope it works. If you alsy wanna conga too, just pm me.
Forget freeipods. With my student discount, 275 should be enough to buy the 20gb myself. So far I have zero yellows or greens on that thing >_< (at least I have 3 yellows for photo ipod but who knows if that will get me anywhere)


10-01-2005 17:41:21

i dun bother with congas too much but rather if anyone hasnt done pvp and would like me to recruit me for cameras or dvr send a pm my way