12/8 STV group

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14-12-2004 12:21:37

hey guys, hopefully today we will get tracking numbers.

post in here with your updated status lol


14-12-2004 12:35:05

I was also STV on 12/8. Nothing yet, but here's hoping!! )


14-12-2004 13:36:51

haha i knew it!!!

your Apple iPod 20GB With Click Wheel has been shipped! Please allow 10 business days for delivery.

waaaaaaaaaaaaahooooooo, thanks offercentric )

Scheduled delivery on the 16th!! Thats amazing, a week ago today i had four referrals, and in two days i'll have my iPod


14-12-2004 13:53:06

who hoo! scheduled delivery date 16TH!!!! D


14-12-2004 13:53:54

does anyone know if they ship with signiture required? Ill leave a note anyway but just wondering


14-12-2004 14:09:13

Mine says backordered. I asked in there might be a problem with the blue mini ipod b/c I would choose a different one. They said no problem.




14-12-2004 14:12:41

Same here back ordered, blue mini evil


14-12-2004 14:31:59

WOO HOO! Just got the email, went shipped! Estimated Delivery date of Dec. 15th!! I did this whole process in less than a month! Thanks offer centric!

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14-12-2004 15:19:19

W00t!!I am scheduled to arrive tommorow as WELL>>>>DAMn UPS IS NICE.....then again...its from TN and I live in GA. lol.....anyways...dont they give ur home address on status screen at UPS? all i have is

Status In Transit -
On Time
Scheduled Delivery Dec 15, 2004

Shipped or Billed on Dec 13, 2004

No home address.....Is this what everyone else HAS??


14-12-2004 15:20:55

UPS never puts address, I thinks it DHL that does

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14-12-2004 15:32:01

that would suck....someone were to get ur tracking no. , they could just have it redelivered (they say it doesnt happen, but it can). Or just stop by and pick it up...Anyways, how loose do u think UPS is on signatures? Ive purchesed small things like sounds cards and cabeles, which they just leave at my door, but this might be different. the only ppl who might steal my Ipod are the mexican construction workers across the street. (

Damn im n00b. What was screenshot shortcut again? Ctrl+ ?


14-12-2004 17:30:58

It all depends on if it requires a signature, most packages dont, not sure about these.

And ALT + Print Screen, copies the active window to the clipboard.

Also can someone who has shipped tell me if the shipper is still Ecost.


16-12-2004 13:20:08

well fellas, brown just delivered it!!


16-12-2004 14:26:53

I was able to email OfferCentric and change my order from the backordered Mini to the 20GB Ipod. It shipped yesterday. )


17-12-2004 19:17:55

Grats RxMan, I'm just going to wait it out, I've waited this long, 1-2 more weeks wont hurt much heh, just need in before school start back up on Jan. 13. And I really want a mini )