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14-12-2004 11:25:45

you still alive out there?

I feel like I'm the only one that's doing this site


14-12-2004 15:26:33

no one wants a camera P


17-12-2004 08:25:59

I want that Canon S1IS for the image stabilized zoom but the problem is I can't get credit for any referrals from this deal. I know I should have gotten credit for some of them.


18-12-2004 14:15:28

im doin this site too. i got 4 greens. one pending. i still need to do a offer tho


18-12-2004 14:18:05

congrats ) I have an account but I haven't gotten any referrals yet...


18-12-2004 14:20:44

[quoted40eb6e49f]I want that Canon S1IS[/quoted40eb6e49f]

It's a great camera, I've been playing with for a couple days now and I certainly don't regret I chose that one )


19-12-2004 11:36:04

I would agree with you l0th. I received mine on 12/10 and still trying to learn all of the features.


20-12-2004 07:13:29

[quoted421e65e96="FreeOffersNow"]no one wants a camera P[/quoted421e65e96]

neither do I, I want the $325 ;)


23-12-2004 09:28:06

I want the money too! )