What the hell is going on?

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30-05-2006 21:53:55

I had 2 of my refs do Tassimo Beverage Coffee thing. They paid for it and are enjoying it as home. They agreed to do it because they wanted the system. Anyways it hasnt greened, it's marked as instant. Adn its been over a week for one, and one just did his.

Plus I had 5 oods out of 10...

Others had ood when they got 8 greens.


31-05-2006 19:08:39



31-05-2006 19:47:51

Have them submit support tickets.


31-05-2006 22:25:24

yeah, from what I've learned with the big freebie sites(freepay, OfferCentric, and trainn), wait atleast 2 weeks before sending in a support ticket.


31-05-2006 22:55:19

Actually OC allows you to file support tickets after the indiviual offers required time. When you go to offer page the offer will be in yellow now and tell you when it will credit (i think tassimo) is a 3 day wait before you can ask for manual


01-06-2006 12:03:53

Ok. I got 10 refs. I don't wanna make another thread. But anyone know how long approval takes?


01-06-2006 13:35:46

2-3 days typically

they slowed down shipping it seems so might take up to 2 weeks for shipping


05-06-2006 04:14:25

ok placed order to an unverified paypal account. )

i heard you can.


05-06-2006 08:25:25

Nvr had a prob with crediting from OC.