Disqualified for no reason..

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13-12-2004 20:53:55

Ive been disqualfiied and i really dont know why

no ones joined from my house

no family has been refered, just some freinds at there own house

all offers completed

the only thing is im a us resident currently in Australia doing my degree for a semester,

so the only thing that can be different is my IP, is this a likely scenario
and since my situation is geninue and can be verified, am i likely do be taken off hold?



13-12-2004 21:54:19

Your IP is used as a check system, as far as i know they do not check IP origins. If you are put on hold, as long as you have a US residence to supply, you should be taken off.


13-12-2004 22:53:00

Have you tried emailing their support? They might have more answers than this forum would have


13-12-2004 23:22:16

you think Offer Centric, will appreciate my situation and take me off hold?
or am i more then likely to be ignored?

I have done everything by the book. that im 100% sure of


13-12-2004 23:32:39

i had great success with emailing them, i was disqualified and it was all sorted out and now im STV since last wednesday. Be patient and very courteous in your emails and most likely you will get it sorted out.


14-12-2004 05:23:07

Yes, they do check origin countries of IP addresses, and if it was an Australian IP origin, then that's why you were disqualified.


14-12-2004 05:37:34

[quote3869356311]you think Offer Centric, will appreciate my situation and take me off hold?
or am i more then likely to be ignored? [/quote3869356311]

I was in the exact same situation you're in now except OfferCentric contacted me directly before putting me on hold.

This was their message


It has been brough to our attention that your account was joined outside the
US. This offer is for US residents only. Were you aware of this?

Best Regards,
OfferCentric Member Services

I answered

[quote3869356311]Yes, I am aware of this, I'm currently staying in Europe but I'm
definitely a US resident. Please let me know if this is an issue.


and they answered


This won't be an issue. We have looked at your referrals and all of them
appear to be fine. We will get your account approved this afternoon.

Best Regards,
OfferCentric Member Services[/quote3869356311]

So, my advice to you is this write to email==support@offercentric.comsupport@offercentric.com=support@offercentric.comsupport@offercentric.com/email and tell them you're on hold and you think you know why. Then explain that you are a U.S. resident, that your mailing address is in the U.S., but that you're temporarily in Australia. I think if you signed-up with an IP from within the U.S. that will help.

I believe that they will lift your hold. They're being very fair about this if you're fair yourself.


14-12-2004 16:54:00

i emailed centric this was there respnse


Your account has been approved.

Best Regards,
OfferCentric Member Services

they rock!!