Who's shipping us?(Also. what fantasy will u do with urs?)

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13-12-2004 18:42:44

sighs......We will only get it b4 the 17, as wished in an earlier post by someone, if they go ship by at least tommorow. Still nothing today. Who is in charge of this; Ecost of eFullfillment?

I stopped by a target store, and looked in the glass, and there it was...My Ipod. How I wish I could have whipped one out and said " I HAVE one MOFO! HAHAH" when the tech specialist gave me a sneer for looking like a poor college student. At that point, I also realized the mini is hella small, and 1000 songs is quite a lot. Also, its many colors are sexy.

I already have a nice IPAQ pocket pc 2215, so it would be cool to whip both out in front of a crowd and look professional. Because as society goes, the train of thought is; "If he had money and spent money on that and not some Air Force ones or video games, HE HAS TO BE SMART/rich/ any positive attributes u can think of." Besides....Ipaq comes with 64 mb which is not enuff to even watch a 30 minute tv show. = D


13-12-2004 19:54:14

yea im checking like non stop( Just wanna see that its shipped, hopefully soon


13-12-2004 20:48:01

Got this today.


We are currently waiting for the tracking list. We hope to have it by close
of business today.

Best Regards,
OfferCentric Member Services


13-12-2004 21:32:17

did you go STV on the 8th too?? if so i wonder why i didnt get that email...

well gluck guys


13-12-2004 22:54:02

I went STV on the 6th....crap this is a long wait. That and Offercentric hasn't emailed me in a while....


15-12-2004 16:19:15

LOL @ Kebo...people waited 2 months for theirs from freeipods.com, just wait a lil' longer ;).


16-12-2004 07:40:28

my STV order from 12/03/04 just arrived

http/" alt=""/img134.exs.cx/img="134/1154" alt=""/img0006small3nn.jpg[/imgc904b187a6]


16-12-2004 10:07:18

thats awesome, mines out for delivery) hopefully have it in a couple hours