SIGNING UP IN A LIBRARY, what are the chances....

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13-12-2004 17:27:53

of you getting rejected due to the same ip address? anyone know?

most library maintain the same ip address at the same computer constantly. just a thought for people doing it at a library.


14-12-2004 18:22:01

Many of the free sites are blocked at my school, which just might use the same internet filtering technology as your local libraries. FreeiPods isn't, but every other one is.


17-12-2004 15:43:35

i wish there wasnt that ip tracking(


13-02-2005 22:54:56

ya its not smart signin up at a library


15-02-2005 15:33:43

i know that at West Virgiinia University the sites are notblocked at library....infact inbetween classes my friend signed up for me from there. wth no problems...yet.