aw god....

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13-12-2004 14:41:52

ok i gave my link to my slow friend. he clicked " i have completed this offer" the he clicked ok. he didnt complete it and now he cant do the blockbuster offer. will he get disqualified?


13-12-2004 15:05:16

there are instructions somewhere on the site as to what to do in that not sure what it was but no he wont get disqualified.


13-12-2004 15:20:25

can't you just click it again if you havent completed the offer....

DrEaMs In DiGiTaL

13-12-2004 15:33:18

From FAQ...

Q. I clicked "I have completed this offer" by mistake?

A. Click the "Click here if you did not complete this offer" link under the offer in question and it will undo it.