I haven't signed up YET, who wants me to be their ref??????

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12-12-2004 11:08:31

i am going to sign up and haven't yet. who needs me as their referral? i am going to sign up today so whoever needs a guaranteed one please let me know. i see all these people offerring like 15 bucks for a ref etc.

who wants me?


12-12-2004 11:16:23

lol....you can pay me to be one of my refs....everybodies doin it


12-12-2004 11:22:54


DrEaMs In DiGiTaL

12-12-2004 12:23:19

Why not join a conga?


12-12-2004 12:49:05

conga's never ever work. because so many people have joined the conga that when you join you still need to wait for the others in the conga to move around. it only works if you are the person that STARTS the conga. but ihavent signed up yet. so i am entertaining offers from people for my green ref.


12-12-2004 13:32:30

you can sign up under my link. you'll be my last referral. PM me and we can talk...


13-12-2004 13:50:57

true, but conga circles work - they distribute referrals randomly and increase the chances the higher up the line you are. Pretty cool concept if you ask me