1 not approved, got another, then 1 not approved

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11-12-2004 18:23:21

I got 5 referrals, submitted for approval, then got 1 not approved, but I was not on hold. Then I got 1 more referral, submitted for approval, and had another referral not approved. This second referral that was not approved, was an older one that had been approved the first time. My question is The 2 referrals not approved were the first 2 from the top of my list. The first time that I submitted for approval, the top one was not approved, then the second time, the second to top was not approved. When they check your account, do they check all your referrals, or if they see that the first one isnt approved, do they stop, and make you get another, then check the rest.

The first person to help me will get any referral completed from my friend.



11-12-2004 18:43:03

just depends if your 2nd round friend cancelled his offer quickly. what offer did he do? and the way they line up the referrals are random. I know that because I always wondered why they would change places at times.

basically, you gotta see if that person committed anything like cancelled too early/made another account/etc. They do check all the referrals first because on my first checkup, they rejected two. My first and my fourth one. hope this helps, cause I do need one more referral =p


11-12-2004 22:17:43

I think i get what you're saying (I had a similar occurrence). I think that since they decided to gray out your first one, they just stopped and decided not to take the time to do the rest for now. So when you went around the second time, they started where they left off.

You might want to try to send them a message if your 2 that got grayed out were in fact unique, sometimes a good explanation clears everything up, and in the end you might not end up needed another 1, or 2.