Desperate for help

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22-05-2006 10:24:31

I am absolutely desparate for advice/help. I signed up for AOL spyware on 4/12/06 and did not receive credit for it. I waited the appropriate time to send in my manual request...that was on 4/27/06. Since that time, I have been e-mailing and in touch with customer support for OC on a daily basis, trying to prove that I signed up and paid for AOL. Not only that, but I am still paying for AOL to this date.

They claim that AOL never sent them confirmation that I signed up. That was over 6 weeks ago.

I need some advice as I would like to get credit and complete my trade.

Help please!


22-05-2006 14:22:07

Sorry to say this, but if OC does not get credit for your AOL offer, they will not credit you. You're gonna have to do another offer. cry


22-05-2006 17:50:27

There is no way the OC rep can help out or even a mod? I mean, I am paying for over 2 months and nothing can be done about this? AOL is making money off me, the least they could do is confirm I am using them.


22-05-2006 17:53:25

is there a phone number i can call to actually speak to someone?


22-05-2006 18:35:01

The only form of contacting them is via their site and submitting a missing credit request.


22-05-2006 18:43:47

scan your billing info(receipt) w/e along with proof of who you are to CS, some guy did that for some other offer long time ago and got credit.


23-05-2006 17:07:01

thanks for the suggestion. i will give anything a try at this point.