Approval question

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DrEaMs In DiGiTaL

11-12-2004 09:50:59

Here's the situation...

-There's a house with an account that was registered there.
-Your account was registered somewhere else.
-You want to ship to that house.

Will you get approved?



11-12-2004 09:52:11

registration address has no impact on ship-to address

DrEaMs In DiGiTaL

11-12-2004 11:35:57

So it should get approved? Okay thanks!

DrEaMs In DiGiTaL

11-12-2004 21:49:43

Okay, looking at the terms and conditions...

1. Common reasons for account disqualification
(d). More than one account at a users shipping address.

What does that mean? shock


12-12-2004 11:17:52

That means that if two people complete the entire process that the second (and the first, if not shipped yet) will be put on hold due to violation of the T&C (no more than one account per household).

DrEaMs In DiGiTaL

12-12-2004 12:20:47

Okay more in detail...

-My house that I want to ship to has 2 accounts that were created there, but they were bogus accounts made just to check out the offers (they were just accounts like

-Those 2 accounts have not been touched (no referrals, no offers done).

-The account that I used to really do the stuff was created at school.

-When I did my offer (eBay), I used the address of my house. I got credit for it.

I did everything legit... I just made the stupid mistake of making test accounts to check out the site first, because I was skeptical about it (I was one of the first to sign up). So will I get approved if I want to ship to my house? Also, do they ask for address before they check for approval, or after? If after, do they check it again?

Thanks a lot


12-12-2004 12:35:24

Well as far as I know they only review completed, or "green" referrals. You should be ok, but if you get put on hold...explain to them what you explained here and hope they feel like taking you off. Also, the next time you put in your shipping address will not be until you check out...but remember, they reserve the right to put your account on ANY time for ANY reason.