Frustrated with mobilephones4free & referral changes.

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19-05-2006 13:19:47

I signed up at mobilephones4free back in January, for Group C.

I recently decided to complete the site for $600 Paypal. My account stated it was 7 referrals.

I've currently got 4 referrals, and suddenly my referral requirements change to 15 referrals. So, I open a support ticket and am told it was a glitch and they can change it to protect the business. Fine, no problem. So I ask if I can change it to Group A, $225 Paypal for 7 referrals. Support keeps telling me no, it can't be done.

This is frustrating because not only did they more than double the requirements, they won't allow me to go for a lesser prize. It doesn't seem fair that they made a mistake, and can change it whenever they want, but they can't even change something as simple as the group. They stated once I start gaining referrals they can't change the group. Seems like BS to me (


19-05-2006 16:04:38

So your mad that they fixed a glitch.

So if there was a glitch where no matter what offer your referrals did you would never get credit, you wouldnt want them to fix it?

7 referrals for $220 = to about paying $15 a referral
15 referrals for $600 = to about paying $20 a referral

Any site will fix a glitch so nobody loses. I dont see how you lost out.


19-05-2006 21:53:54

I don't care about them fixing the glitch, I care about them refusing to change the prize even though they have no problem upping the referrals.


19-05-2006 21:54:57

I sent a support ticket a while back and they said they could change the level only one time. That was on the nano site though.