Efax is back.

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09-12-2004 19:16:11

Doenst make any sense why they would pull it, then put it back.....Beats me. Maybe efax stopped paying then started up again. Either way, Efax is great. Canceling is thru online chat, and the dude asks u like 3 times if u want to keep it. Somewhat of a hassle but w/e, its free.


09-12-2004 19:33:56

Perhaps these sponsors have quotas? "We will pay you this much for this many people"


20-12-2004 16:50:19

i did efax 3 days ago and its still not approved anyone know how long it takes to turn green?


20-12-2004 17:00:02

usually less than 24 hours


20-12-2004 18:23:00



21-12-2004 15:18:41

my other friend signed up and it went through in 1 day with efax but the other one says wait 5days on his status page


23-12-2004 13:48:54

I just did it now, but being that today is the 23rd of December, I dont think people are working, and so i've gotten the "please wait 5 business days or something" thing. No biggie though