Your opinion... will this get rejected?

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09-12-2004 16:06:31

I have a friend signed up under me who has a friend signed up under him. This friend used used a credit card with the same billing address as my friend (but different CC number).

I have a feeling they both will get disqualified, but I'm not sure how offercentric works. What do you think? And do you think that my friend will no longer count as my referral, if in fact he gets disqualified?


09-12-2004 16:38:43

Well you gotta wonder why the CC's have the same billing address, but really as long as they signed up to with unique names, addresses, and IP numbers they should be fine. If by some chance they were disqualified, your friend would no longer count as your referral.

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09-12-2004 19:12:18

hmmm...friend of a friend who has same billing address as friend.....sounds like fraud to me. Either way, you wont be disq., because billing address is used to make sure ur CC belongs to u in the first place. Anything that is related to CC information will not be given out if the companies value not getting sued.


09-12-2004 19:31:10

Fraud... for sure. Depends what fraud is i guess. thanks. I'll let you know if hes approved, if i remember


10-12-2004 08:17:27

He was approved.


10-12-2004 09:46:46

What do i win?


10-12-2004 18:54:52

Yes, he might be approved, but will maybe be disqualified (same with you) once you get through approval unless the IP's were different. That's basically all they check from what I have learned, registration IP.


10-12-2004 19:49:16

He WAS approved. I won't be disqualified, maybe his referral won't count if for some reason they revoke the approval. I'm pretty sure they check a whole lot more than IP addresses though.

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10-12-2004 21:33:53

they check everything from IP, emails to passwords and addresses.As long as u have an explanation and perserverance, ull be fine......Also, this is an opinion post

[quotecdfdb610fe] He WAS approved. I won't be disqualified, maybe his referral won't count if for some reason they revoke the approval. I'm pretty sure they check a whole lot more than IP addresses though. [/quotecdfdb610fe]

He was expressing his opinion...lets not get all defensive with it. Lol....u sound like ur in a state of denial..... he WILL be approved. i WONT be on


11-12-2004 10:21:11

No, I mean't just IP based that's what they check. Not every IP you login from. They don't check addresses, because they don't get that information until you're AFTER approval. It even states in their FAQ.

I mean, that while he might be approved right now, when you go through the FINAL approval for you to get your iPod, they will double check over the stuff they DON'T check when approving a single referral under you.

It happened to me, I had 5 green referrals then I was in approval and got disqualified because numerous referrals of mine were outside the USA, or so they say.


11-12-2004 13:16:40

Oh ok. Well my buddy is now STV. I figured that when they approve you, they look for IP address similarities, along with similar shipping addressses and names, etc for you and your referrals based on the info they get from the offer completion companies. If they only have access to the IP address and email and are able to approve you based on that, I would think alot of fraud would take place. I got a 6th person just in case.


13-12-2004 04:43:54

regardless....they can un-approve (for lack of better wording) any referral, at any time. I had one that was approved, a week later disqualified (same IP, buddy who used my computer), then 3 days later my account was approved, and a week after that my whole account was disqualified for the same guy. I emailed them back and forth for a couple days, they saw he was legit, and put me I'm STV


13-12-2004 15:47:36

Thats good that they really check into it, it keeps the program alive. My friend got paypal payment already today. The whole process only took him a week. Offercentric is extremely fast. It would be too late to disqualify him now.