OC STILL has not paid me

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12-05-2006 16:49:30

So I have been approved since 4/25 and I still have not been paid. I have put in support ticket and they said this.

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OfferCentric Support
Sent 5/10/2006 83850 AM
PayPal payments are being made Friday.
Sent 5/9/2006 110120 AM
Can you please respond?
Sent 5/6/2006 61325 PM
Just was wondering what is going on with my order I placed on 4/25. It has been 11 days or so and I have not heard anything.

WHERE IS MY PAYPAL???? It is Friday at 5 PST and 8 EST. What is going on.


12-05-2006 20:43:58

I'd wait until the morning. You sure you put in the right PayPal address? shrug


13-05-2006 08:41:53

[quotedb004223d4="compuguru"]I'd wait until the morning. You sure you put in the right PayPal address? shrug[/quotedb004223d4]

OMG ohhh no! it's exactly 5 PM and OC hasn't payed me! patience, you should have it soon.


13-05-2006 10:29:45

Nope no money and its now Saturday.


13-05-2006 12:01:10

none for me either bro (


13-05-2006 15:01:57

thats horrible,dont they pay on fridays?


14-05-2006 08:59:46

[quote92ca8e2c7a="MakeDamnSureTBS"]thats horrible,dont they pay on fridays?[/quote92ca8e2c7a]

isn't it like every other friday... or was that wednesdays?


15-05-2006 16:50:56

i got mine today