Questions about Credit/Debit Card Charges when signing up

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08-12-2004 15:29:50

I see that when I sign up for anything like Blockbuster Online Movie rentals that I get charged $1.00...same goes with any other service. What is the deal, I thought this was totally free...they call it a security check fee? Do I get reimbursed? Anyone have this happen? Maybe its just my bank? Legacy Bank of Texas. Let me know, Thanks.


08-12-2004 15:37:22

I haven't been charged myself, but some others have. Perhaps it is your bank, or debit cards in general. I still don't see why people complain over a few dollars spent in pursuit of free merchandise that is valued at several hundred dollars.


08-12-2004 16:00:52

Well what happened was that my debit card zip code was different then that of my bank statement so i tried and tried to sign up b/c i knew it was right...and i did that about i have like 15 in these fees....i wont be upset if I end up getting a ipod or something good...ya know.


08-12-2004 16:05:34

Oh wow....I thought it was just $1...I'd be pretty pissed if it charged me $15 too lol

good luck!

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08-12-2004 20:18:44

[quotea48ea2729f="FreeOffersNow"]Oh wow....I thought it was just $1...I'd be pretty pissed if it charged me $15 too lol

good luck![/quotea48ea2729f]

U are just one helpful person aren't u? Redundant responses and rhetorical questions serve a good purpose how...OH yeah..As for the charge...No they don't really charge u. they give it all back....You shouldnt have to pay diddly squat. If ur bank doesn't realize this, switch to Wachovia or Bank oF Amer. or somethng like that.


01-02-2005 12:57:25

Its a hold, it just means that there is a pending transaction thats going to go through later. You see this alot with gas stations, resturauts.
I think bb does this because after two weeks is up you automatically get charged $15


01-02-2005 13:28:44

^ Exactly
It's an authorization charge so that they know it's a real credit or debit card. It's not an actually fee and it goes away after a couple of days.