3 Offers Down, 1 New one Up

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08-12-2004 14:33:07

W00t!!!all 3 AOL offers have gone down! D Thanks Jebus! j/k.. Aol wasnt that bad. I personally didnt do it tho. Anyways, new offer is buy a RC toy. Prett cool. They have helicopters, hovercrafts, and of course cars.....Makes me feel like a wee lil child again. D


08-12-2004 17:27:03

I saw that today. It makes me mad, because the AOL ones were some of the only "free" ones there were and I was going to do them all for other people on other sites. Also, it takes much more convincing to get people to spend 50 dollars on an RC car than a free trial.


08-12-2004 22:16:41

Wow, I got in on AOL like a day before they dropped it (and it was marked as completed within two days, too). Is there any risk in now cancelling AOL or should I wait until I've completed the process? If I complete it, of course; referrals are not simple.

What other ones are still free and recommended?

Not that AOL is easy to cancel (I've done it in the past for something else). You call, and they put you through the wringer trying to get you to stay. You literally have to tell them you want to cancel about 4 or 5 times, at which point something flips in their brain and they get the message.


08-12-2004 23:13:43

This was the only thread I hadn't read and so I'm doing this for no reason but...