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08-12-2004 14:27:24

Rec'd Today in Email


Your order will be sent to our vendor today. Thanks for joining!

Best Regards,
OfferCentric Member Services


08-12-2004 14:44:17

hey xxx ,

when did you place your order? i just placed mine today)

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08-12-2004 14:49:25

LOL...u guys all make me sound like a perv. was for effect ) anyways, 12/2. Asked them yesterday. Should be good to go soon. Enjoy Ur IPODS. After STV is 2 days till like shipped with OC.WEEE


08-12-2004 15:55:45

I'm STV also D. I need mine before the 17th though because I'll be gone 2 weeks after that...


08-12-2004 17:27:45

[quoteb3ff3d8814="xXx My Story xXx"]Rec'd Today in Email


Your order will be sent to our vendor today. Thanks for joining!

Best Regards,
OfferCentric Member Services[/quoteb3ff3d8814] order was placed on 12/2 as well, but I haven't gotten the email yet?

But GOL DANG, my account now shows STV!


08-12-2004 17:49:18

Does OfferCentric usually update the site when the vendor ships? I went STV today as well. It should ship in about 2 days? Will we gat a tracking number then?


08-12-2004 18:14:26

WOOO HOOOOOO! I'M STV TOO! i hadnt checked today before reading this thread, this is great news! hopefully they're still shipping out as fast as they were when they started! Rx i dont know anything about when they post tracking numbers, sorry.


08-12-2004 18:20:53

got last referral last night, turned green over night, got verified, placed order, boom STV hr later!!!

Order Status Placed 12/8/2004
Item Status Tracking
Apple iPod 20GB With Click Wheel Sent To Vendor Not Available

holy crap, so maybe i will get this b4 the 23rd if its stv on the 8th... any comments fellas

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08-12-2004 18:21:32

W00t........Positive Karma appreciated. Hope we deliver on Mon.


08-12-2004 18:26:31

you helped me out quite a bit back when they disqualified my acct, now that im STV woot, karma for ya

i really cant belive how fast today went from having 4 referrals last night to being stv now

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08-12-2004 19:53:50

No Problem. Is DHL or FEDex or UPS shipping us?


08-12-2004 20:07:21

[quote04dd638e9b="doylnea"] order was placed on 12/2 as well, but I haven't gotten the email yet?

But GOL DANG, my account now shows STV![/quote04dd638e9b]

I didn't get an email either. But I checked and I sure was STV ).

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08-12-2004 20:10:25

they dont send STV emails. I sent them a question b4 i went to sleep last night.

Edit found out what Emoe said.

Does the new shipper leave stuff at the door???? I live in an oldies neighborhood where everyone is still kempt and reclusive in their homes enjoying their antiques and nostalgia. No one will steal my IPOD unless its retro.


08-12-2004 20:17:43

It's DHL and I think it requires a signature to be dropped off. But every worker is different...


08-12-2004 20:20:07

I was wondering this also, live in an apt complex and most anyone can take anyones packages. kinda scary, havent had problems as of yet but who knows, signing for packages is a pain at times when your not there but also a nice sense of security.

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08-12-2004 20:21:03

Well....I believe NOTE ON DOOR POLICY works pretty well, since I wont be at home....Whats the DHL truck like? Big and yellow? anyways, Im a believer now of OC. I just need them to give me a TV tho, cuz GRATIS sucks ass......U need 15 forms of ID and a signup with the devil to get ur damn Ipod.


08-12-2004 20:28:20

Yea it's huge yellow truck that says DHL on the side P. I would just call them and ask them to drop it off at the front office of our app. complex or something. But if it comes on a Friday then my dad will be home ).


08-12-2004 20:29:27

Oh, and my dad still doesn't believe me about this stuff. He always says, "Why do you keep checking those sites that SAY you're going to get a free item when you are?". Then he always says no to completing offers and stuff but me and my mom are tight like that so we can sneak away with it P.

EDIT If someone signs for your package and you didn't get it then you can request a fraud and stuff at DHLs website http//


08-12-2004 22:22:35

DHL? i thought it was UPS? zed's tracking id was UPS.... and guys, i wouldnt make the assumption it will ship this fri. (not that it matters cause it's not going to move over the weekend if it does ship fri anyway)

on a final note bols24,
you are a lucky bastard.


08-12-2004 23:13:01

I dunno... I thought they were doing DHL now... As long as it gets to my place by next Friday I am fine.


09-12-2004 04:02:10

I hope I get it by the end of next week too. This has been the craziest week!! I get approved in a day and placed my order. Also, as I was in the computer lab on campus last night, a chick ran through naked saying, "Flick this school" blah blah blah. It was disgusting!! What a crazy week! D


09-12-2004 08:31:14

HAHAHHA! random?