Huge issue and i need anyones help please : (

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08-12-2004 12:47:21

hey guys, i already received my ipod from these guys and now for 3 months ive been working on getting a free pc because mine fried and i have not had one, i have had to use a public library computer every day just to have something to do and earn this...finally after all my hard work i got 10 referrals and submitted to be approved, just now i got back that 4 of them were rejected and im real pissed off because i have no clue why, i dont know these people, etc now im left with all this work crapped on, still needing a computer....please i need anyones help in any way whether it be suggestions...what do i do? who do i call? is there anything i can do? or please guys even this...i will pay you $70 concealed cash in the mail if you do the video professor offer for me, please i really need help...if youd like to do an offer for me please let me know on here and ill figure out how to get in touch...but my screen name is SDSINITIATED please dont delete this post and if your someone in charge of this site and can help me please please do because ive promoted this company to everyone i know with a gleaming name and have been working hard on all their accounts and all centric ones...please help email==CALCAN22@YAHOO.COMCALCAN22@YAHOO.COM=CALCAN22@YAHOO.COMCALCAN22@YAHOO.COM/email


09-12-2004 22:43:15

wow. uhh, don't know what to say to that. try using sentences. Don't pay 70 for someone to complete an offer. Just find 4 others. Use webcirtificates.