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08-12-2004 07:44:04

mp3player4free has just verified my account!!! Check yours now!


08-12-2004 08:13:31

still not verified shock ..... this prolle has something to do with my only having 1 green though ;)


08-12-2004 08:16:09

My order was placed on 11/27.
I was told via email that it would be sent to vendor yesterday. Status still hasn't changed.
Others have said that they expected theirs to be sent to vendor early this week. I hope my has been.


08-12-2004 08:26:18

[quoted6eaa3c31b="FreeOffersNow"]still not verified shock ..... this prolle has something to do with my only having 1 green though ;)[/quoted6eaa3c31b]



08-12-2004 14:24:56

got verified today! finally wooot


08-12-2004 14:51:04

Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm verified too, just now!! I emailed them and one second later, what do you know?? I get an email saying I've been confirmed and I'm STV! WOOOO HOOOOO!! ) Thank you offer centric!!! You're the best!

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08-12-2004 14:53:19

OMFG. DIE> lol..j/k...U were Confirmed and went STV the same day?. Wow im jealous. I was 5 days verified, then 5 days STV. and maybe + 2-5 for shipping. We are all on the same boat of happiness for christmas.


08-12-2004 16:05:14

I went STV today!!
Should I get a tracking number in 2-5 days?


08-12-2004 16:08:42

lucky ducks@!!! im excited to place my order cant wait to be STV. if its here by the 23rd somehow thatd be huge since ill be leaving for xmas break! bad timing, come on oc


08-12-2004 16:14:23

hahah are you freakin kiddin me!!! placed my order about an hr ago and my status now says

Order Status Placed 12/8/2004
Item Status Tracking
Apple iPod 20GB With Click Wheel Sent To Vendor Not Available

holy crap, so maybe i will get this b4 the 23rd if its stv on the 8th... any comments fellas


08-12-2004 20:06:13

If it's STV on the 8th you'll probably get it by the 15th ). OfferCentric is very quick. It only takes like 2 days on STV and less than a week for shipping. Mine also STV today ).


08-12-2004 20:17:26


thats so rad! hah, im quite amazed, and havent read about anyone having this fast of progress as i did today.
last referral completed blockbuster offer last night, turned green over night, under approval 1pm, approved 3pm, placed order 4pm and then STV @ 5pm. holy cow


08-12-2004 20:20:33

Yea OfferCentric is awesome. You cought them at the right time though when they were putting people on STV. Good job ;).


09-12-2004 12:15:29

i want to kill all of you who went from placed to STV in one day in a jealous rage. -D


09-12-2004 12:34:03

kill... jeez man. lil love to the cust service never hurt as my progress shows )

ill take some pix for you when i get it


09-12-2004 19:27:03

i joke i joke i kid i kid.