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squeaky ladida

07-12-2004 13:00:54

I have two friends who both did blockbuster about 13 days ago and they still haven't recieved credit. Is this unusual? They both clicked the link that you're supposed to click if they didn't recieve credit for 5-7 days, but they did they two days ago and still nothing.
How does clicking the link help? Am I alone in a boat here?


07-12-2004 13:18:39


At least scan the titles of the posts in the SAME FORUM.



10-12-2004 08:14:28

all my friends and me got blockbuster credit in only one day except one little bastard whose holding me up. So, the majority of blockbusters worked quick for me.


10-12-2004 15:20:43

Could it be possible that people who use a hotmail account with blockbuster take a lot longer to get credit?


10-12-2004 15:58:16

all i know is that i signed up for blockbuster, and it took 3 or 4 weeks to get credited. and i was using a hotmail account...


11-12-2004 07:07:32

i just remembered that i only did the blockbuster ad with so it could be different with