Anyone done efax?

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06-12-2004 13:05:56

Has anyone done the efax offer at all? My last referral did it before it got removed and he still has not gotten credit and has been over 10 days. I have e-mailed offercentric but I still have not gotten credit. Also, for my previous referalls it took maybe two days at tops to get credit for the AOL and netscape etc offers. I had two people do it last Tuesday and still no credit. Am I just being impatient, maybe traffic has been busy? Has anyone else experienced this?


08-12-2004 08:32:53

I did credit...usually toward the end of an offer's being offered (sorry for lack of better wording) the credit isn't given. After 15 days (the advised MINIMUM wait before contacting support) try contacting support again. I don't know what their policy is as far as giving credit after the sponsor has pulled out.