new spam policy?

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05-12-2004 23:11:27

Dear Member,

We have been getting an increase in the number of complaints of our site members posting spam links in newsgroups and online forums. We do not spam any of our members and request that they do not spam anyone else. If you have posted your referral link in any newsgroup or any online forum that does not allow it you will have your account disqualified.

In the past we only responded to complaints that came to us regarding user spam. From this point on we will actively monitor all newsgroups on a frequent basis for site members who post their referral link.

If you have posted your referral link in any newsgroups, please remove them by the end of the day today. Any posts we find with referral urls after today will result in the user having their account disqualified.

Thank you for your understanding,
OfferCentric LLC

new spam policy?


05-12-2004 23:35:46

I got the same thing. I don't know what it's about. Oh well...


05-12-2004 23:41:10

Glad to see everyone else got it! They are just trying to find more ways to put more accounts on hold x


06-12-2004 12:27:33

omfg they sent me like 10 letters, pvp cameras mp3, now thats what i call spam, there of the same email, wtf!


06-12-2004 19:04:50

i got it too


06-12-2004 21:53:26

3 letters per site you are on is how many they sent you.