Paypal HELP !?

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05-12-2004 19:10:23

I am thinking whether to get the paypal option. Do I need to have a premium account? Do I have to have a credit card entered into the paypal account? Do they ask what the email address of the paypal account is ? and do they send the money as from a credit card or from $$ on a paypal account ?

THanks, I will help the person who answers these questions get some referrals.


05-12-2004 19:17:15

They send it through an e-check..i don't think you need a premium account. I don't know about the credit card...but it takes a little while to clear because it's an e-check.


06-12-2004 23:50:25

Fortunately, eBay charges a max fee of $5 to receive an eCheck payment on a Premier account (which I have in order to receive credit card payments), which might be a fair trade to avoid waiting for a paper check to arrive.


12-12-2004 20:28:47

How quickly does offercentric send this out? Anyone tried this?