invalid password

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05-12-2004 14:20:21

hmm only on pvp4free is my password not working, i request password 4 times to no avail, and today they said there has been some hijacking and password had been reset and whatnot, yet my password has never been altered by me, and therefore should be what I made it when i signed up.

Anyone else with this issue?

I submitted for support with my mp34free account, hopefully that will resolve it, will update when more information is available.


05-12-2004 20:02:23

You have been hacked. (


05-12-2004 20:26:52

i guess this is to his/her dismay that i only had 1 yellow P


05-12-2004 20:31:13

DId you do NintendoDS4Free?


05-12-2004 20:39:16

ya, just saw on gearlive... going to change all accounts passwords asap, fucking lamer, from now on different email/pass combo


07-12-2004 18:24:34

all is fine and well, got my account with 1 yellow back P