Concerned about something...

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05-12-2004 09:29:02

I currently have 6 of my 10 required referrals, but I'm a little concerned that two of them are going to be a problem. Last week I had family visiting and while at my house both my father and my grandmother signed up using a computer in my house. Obviously they signed up using their own emails and addresses, but if they track the IP it is going to come back as the same as mine. Is this going to be a problem? I didn't want to break any rules so I wouldn't let them use my personal computer, I made them use the computer downstairs while I was out of the room. Since all the computers are hooked up through one router however, we all share the same IP.


05-12-2004 09:35:20

more likely then not, it will be a problem, so shoot for 12 referrals just incase


05-12-2004 10:58:36

Getting more refs won't help. They will hold you for multiple accounts...same ip.

Email them NOW to let them know.