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04-12-2004 17:39:19

Im a huge newbie and was researching and I saw that if u use the blockbuster deal it charges a $1.00 to your credit card? does it do that? or what shows up on the bill?


05-12-2004 11:53:09

No charges on my account trial expires Dec 10th...even if they charge you $1 whats the big deal? You got, at the very least, two free in-store rentals. I dont see why people cry about shelling out a few dollars to get a $300 iPod, or some other expensive gift? Think about if you were at the mall looking to buy an iPod...I doubt you'd even walk to another store to save $5


05-12-2004 13:37:44

they charge you a dollar but it gets refunded instantly


05-12-2004 13:54:39

Its not that i dont want to pay the $1 its that cause i was gonna use my dads credit card without askin first but now ima have to i guess.


05-12-2004 15:44:26

hehe...ALWAYS ask...this will keep you out of getting into trouble in the future. The $1 charge might just be in the verification process. Unconventional...but possible.