ive waited 5 days so far to get my account approved.........

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03-12-2004 19:17:29

has anyone waited longer than that???? if so how long??


03-12-2004 19:25:29

Are you doing Blockbuster?


03-12-2004 19:27:39

[quote7bdd41c89d="TheBean"]Are you doing Blockbuster?[/quote7bdd41c89d]

i meant i did my offer and got the referrals, but still havent gotten approved to recieve my gift


03-12-2004 20:24:01

good luck i was in the same boat of the waiting game and they said my account was fraudulent which it is not on any level


04-12-2004 02:56:29

You should contact offercentric and say that you've been waiting for approval for a couple of days, sometimes they need their memory jogged


04-12-2004 10:09:42

Yea when you email them they will do it like right there on the spot. They did that with a few of the people I know

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04-12-2004 19:04:17

actually...they always do that...customer concern is pretty high on thier list....Offercentric rules....ill be stv this week and probably sent next week, since I ordered the 1st of this month.


04-12-2004 20:08:08

yep, thanx for the tips in the other thread, i emailed them and got approved 6 hours later and nmow i placed my order!!!!!!!