NEW PRIZECUBE SITE!! Choice of three Games!

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02-12-2004 18:27:30

new prizecube site JUST came outt.. choice of ANY three games for xbox ps2 or gamecube... looks really good, check it outt

PM me if you want the link


02-12-2004 19:02:50

Post things in the appropriate forums. Do this again, and get banned.


03-12-2004 05:35:15

See You're so Gay! I wish I could Ban you, faggot!!!!!!!!


03-12-2004 06:07:30

Yup, too bad you can't ban me.


05-12-2004 11:54:38

lol...I wonder if they know that this forum has the capabilty to log poster's IPs ?

xXx My Story xXx

05-12-2004 13:12:57

Disconnecting and reconnecting solves that problem.


05-12-2004 13:27:06

Only if your on dial-up....or under certain other configurations