STV to Shipped

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30-11-2004 22:57:00

Hey how long does it take to go from STV to shipped on

I was STV on 11/24, and OC said I would be processed by the vendor and shipped within a few days. Well it's Tuesday night, and still STV.

When will my Ipod be shipped?


01-12-2004 06:56:20


Please expect to wait at least 2-3 weeks to get your item once you have been verified.

This 2-3 weeks includes
1. waiting on payment from the offer sponsors
2. ordering the item
3. shipping the item
4. updating everyone's account.

waiting on the payment is KEY. They can't order anything unless the offer sponsors credit OfferCentric the money for all of the referrals that signed up. I'm sure this payment process is done on a set date, maybe once or twice a month (not everyday!).

as you know, shipping alone could take up to a week depending on the day it is sent.

hope this helps clear up ALL the posts asking about wait times.

obviously these wait times are going to increase more and more due to popularity.