I can't believe this.

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25-03-2006 08:46:32

Okay, I've been trying to complete ds4free.com since last year. During the course of the time, I've had my account placed on hold because this certain person accused me of spamming and signed up for multiple accounts under my account with vulgar emails such as "anthonysucks@fuckoc.com". Fortunately, I fixed the situation and got myself off hold. A couple of weeks ago, I got my 4 referrals, and I did an offer, Real Superpass. Upon review, they DQ'ed one of my referrals. So, I got another one. Now, understand that I haven't logged in for about a week, so I log in this morning, and what do you know? I am on hold! This is ludicrous. If they really think I should be on hold, why didn't they do so when they reviewed my account earlier where they DQ'ed one of my refs?


25-03-2006 09:41:31

wow, yeah if anyone accuses you of spamming, you're kinda dead meat. but good luck though. then again, were you spamming per say?


25-03-2006 14:17:12

No, in fact I wasn't even spamming. The person who signed up under me got angry by the fact that he forgot to cancel the offer he signed up for, so he got charged big bucks on his card. He only reported me for spamming.


25-03-2006 17:05:22

lol even worse, you got your friend's credit card charged. well maybe you can get your friend happy or something and have your friend send in a support e-mail explaining the dealy-o