Disqualified for not being a USA Resident?

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26-11-2004 14:39:23

ROFL! I come on line this morning to check if I was updated, and I was put on disqualification. I then emailed support and they said it was because I was not a United States resident...yet I have been living here all my life and have not even gone out of the country even for vacation.

All my referrals are United States residents also, and yet...wow. It's unbelievable.

Anyone else have disqualification problems with mp3players4free.com?


26-11-2004 15:33:30

there must be a problem with your IP then.

For some reason it must look like to OfferCentric as if it's coming from outside the US.

Is that possible at all?


26-11-2004 16:08:40

Hmm, I wouldn't think so.

If I do find something/remember do you think they would probably take it off disqualification? I have emailed them back but no reply.


26-11-2004 16:35:19

I really think their decision is based on a mistake about your IP. If this is what happen, I'm pretty sure they lift the hold. I have yet to see OfferCentric to refuse to lift a hold when they made a mistake.

Now, it could also come from your credit card do you have a billing address abroad for the card you used for the offer sign-up?


26-11-2004 16:42:22

No, I have made sure when signing up and when referrals signed up they were all USA residents, etc. so that's not a problem. I bet it is the IP ) I will just wait for a reply..

Thanks much l0th


26-11-2004 16:44:12

i highly doubt it is an IP address problem.

I could do all my shit using an IP from mexico, but the main things are
1. credit was received for the offers using valid information.
2. mailing address HAS to be in the US.

I could be completing all of the offers from Mexico and have it shipped to my vacation home in Florida. I really don't think IP matters.


26-11-2004 16:44:20

well, the IP thing would still be strange how can they make such a mistake?

what's your ISP, or what was the network you used to sign-up/check your account?


26-11-2004 17:50:42

It was from my work here in California...hopefully this gets solved O I hope to have a reply tommorow.


26-11-2004 19:51:33

It can't be the IP, I am using a proxy for browsing which is in some country outside of America and I still got approved.


27-11-2004 08:31:25

I emailed them, they emailed back with the response i said earlier, so i replied and they sent basically the same email with like, one more sentence which said basically the same thing.

I emailed AGAIN, and I am waiting for a reply...wow. Great technical support, eh?


27-11-2004 08:34:48

their support used to be excellent, but I think they're getting too big and are now on the Gratis slippery slope... How unfortunate. (


27-11-2004 08:53:13

Do you know if they reply on weekends (Saturdays?)


27-11-2004 09:01:28

they might, if you're lucky. It's already happened in the past, but I doubt they'll do it now that they seem overwhelmed.


29-11-2004 07:17:45

I think they are just making excuses to disqualified people so they can make more money. Like 10th said their customer support was great but they are loosing more and more their reputation doing this kind of things. I hope it's all a mistake from their part and they fix it.