"Instant" credits not so instant?

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unknown uchiha

17-03-2006 10:36:12

Hey, I've done BMG Music for one of the OC sites I signed up for. It says "Instant Credit" up top, but then when I click on "Offer completed" when I completed the offer, it says "please wait up to 14 business days to credit". =/

Oh and I've found that Pitney-bowes offer has been removed as an offer but remains on the offers page, and that the AOL offers send me to a DIY site signup page.

Anyone else experiencing these difficulties?


18-03-2006 15:08:43

It seems that it's how OfferCentric feels like that day if u will be actually getting the instant credit or not.

Like when I was doing their site, I completed the instant offer and got creditted insantly. My friend does the same on next and no credit, ever...


18-03-2006 18:10:01

My ref and I both did instant offers, and got instant credit. shrug


19-03-2006 11:47:10

Did Tickle an instant offer and its been a few days and no green


24-03-2006 11:34:41

Last 4th green ref did the Hoodia offer and it was instant for them.


24-03-2006 15:11:58

I got credit within 12 hours for efax, and that's just as fast any the fastest site out there.

unknown uchiha

09-04-2006 11:13:07

Ugh, I did TriClear Acne Treatment yesterday and it still hasn't credited. I used an alternate email but that shouldn't matter, though I entered my CC# wrong the first time and it refreshed to say that so I entered it correctly (I put a 9 instead of a 0 by accident). I hope that didn't mess up the cookies or anything?


19-04-2006 08:47:48

Anyone know about how quick Tassimo credits?