Does OfferCentric require a signature upon delivery?

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23-11-2004 15:14:06

I am not going to be home during the day that my OfferCentric product is going to be delivered by UPS. Do they require a signature upon delivery of the package? Or can I just leave a note for the UPS guy to leave the package for me? I know we get other packages left at our doorstep by UPS if we are gone, but I am not sure if they will do that for the OfferCentric one.



23-11-2004 16:51:17

the package is specifically marked "signature required", but the guy didn't ask to see an ID or anything...

i wasn't home for the 1st attempt so they left a "infonote". Supposedly you can write a note back to the UPS guy using that "infonote", and give them specific instructions. HOWEVER, that doesn't work when a signature is required.

in need to sign it....or you can try telling him to leave it at the door and hope that he/she listens


24-11-2004 13:37:07

uhhh, mine was sitting at my front porch when i got home...