How long to get verified?

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23-11-2004 12:47:37

I completed my offers and had all my referrals completed close to a week ago. I haven't received an email from them yet. To anyone who has gotten something from, how long does it take until they verify your referrals?


25-11-2004 11:18:10

Yes, I would also like to know what the longest somebody has been waiting for to be verified after completing all the requirements.


25-11-2004 12:01:31

maybe you have the extra gift selected therefore they are asking you for more referrals?


25-11-2004 14:02:47

No, I don't have any bonus gifts selected.


25-11-2004 14:13:16

Neither do I... I went into reviewing process on Tuesday and just wondering when they will be done...


26-11-2004 16:52:22

I kinda curious about this also, mines went in approval stage last Friday, so that about 5 business days ago, Hopeing it'll approve soon. If not I'll send them an email next week.


27-11-2004 21:08:24

yep weondering the same thing, with 3 referrals and 2 more on the way, just wondering how long it takes to get verified, and then how long the rest of the process before you receive your gift takes.



28-11-2004 20:39:08

My account was just approved about an hour ago (who knew they worked on Sunday), anyways, went in to approval on the 19, approved on the 28. For anyone whos wondering


28-11-2004 22:33:50

I went into reviewing on Tuesday and got approved today(Sunday). About 5 days. Wednesday is shipping day D


29-11-2004 02:47:28

[quote1438fe17c4="emoemodude"]I went into reviewing on Tuesday and got approved today(Sunday). About 5 days. Wednesday is shipping day D[/quote1438fe17c4]

same here D

That'd be awesome if i get my $275 check THIS WEEK?

think it'll happen?


29-11-2004 15:48:14

i just got approved last nite.


03-12-2004 10:22:23

well i went under review on monday, and thursday night i logged in to see i was disqualified. go figure, nothing like following the rules and still gettin the shaft


03-12-2004 11:42:08

email them. They are really considerate and they would probably take you off hold and just not count some of your referrals. It's worth it with this company.