psp4free site problem?

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08-03-2006 12:26:29

i cant login to my account it says your account was not found, any1 else having the same problem?


08-03-2006 12:27:25

i can't login to my pvps4free account also(


08-03-2006 14:21:22

Same here. I tried all of the sites. It's any of the OC sites where you have completed an offer. The two sites that I signed up for but haven't completed an offer yet still allow me to sign in.

I sent an email to support and hope they get back with me soon.

Looks like some glitch in their systems.


08-03-2006 15:09:54

This has me very worried. shock


08-03-2006 15:19:34

I'm also having a problem with I was logging in earlier today and everything worked fine. But now it's kaput.


08-03-2006 17:02:09

OK, is working again for me. I was scared there for a second.


08-03-2006 17:32:13

all sites are working for me again


08-03-2006 18:26:15

Sorry for the trouble. We had a bug with the login, no account info was lost and no referrals were lost who signed up durring the time this was happening.


08-03-2006 18:45:30

Works for me as well. Thanks for the response, OC


17-03-2006 18:15:27

whoa I've been away from OfferCentric world for too long.

So is the OC rep for real? Does this mean no more random DQs or such? If that is so, I would love to do OfferCentric sites again. I finished PSPs4free but I didn't start any other because I didn't want to take any chances.