Making the big switch

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21-11-2004 19:34:45

I got 4 people that did it for me on and finding a 5th is getting annoying plus i know im going to be put on hold. I bet i can find people for this site quicker, because less know about it and i hear they give credit for offers more quickly. And ship quickly. I hope thats true. Im telling my friends to do blockbuster. Is it true you dont get charged for that and you get credit within 2 days? Thatd awesome.

Also about how long do you get the product after you get 5 greens. Including aprroval stv and shipping time.


21-11-2004 19:38:00

After being verified on 11/3. I finally received my iPod on 11/19.

So about two weeks after being verified. These are just estimates and obviously they will vary.


21-11-2004 19:56:15

sweet! ive heard its taken over a month for gratis. Glad i made the switch. Got two people waiting to get credit for already )


22-11-2004 05:40:15

Congratulations on making the switch! My sister got Blockbuster credit the next day after she signed up for it. I have a person who is doing Video Professor today, so we'll see how quickly that goes through for credit. It's hard finding 5 people to do this. So close, yet so far... Good luck to you and and getting your free stuff!


23-11-2004 15:40:47

[quote6e071dd0d3]You have completed your requirements to receive your FREE gift!
Because we take fraud very seriously, we are reviewing your account for any activity which may be suspicious.

We will notify you via email with your updated status.[/quote6e071dd0d3]
Working on both sites and I'm now complete with this and photo D


26-11-2004 09:56:48

damn i need 2 hurry n get all my ppl 2 weeks is fast as hell