Approval Process?

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24-02-2006 13:54:39

Ok, so I just got my fifth offer to go green on mp3players4free...but I don't see anything to click on the web site to order my ipod. How does the approval process work, and does anyone know how long it will take generally? Thanks in advance for any responses.


24-02-2006 15:19:22

I also recently completed the requirements for Now that your fifth order just went green, you are in the validation process. They are currently reviewing all your referrals to see that they were unique. So allow about 4 days for the validation process. By the way, my account got disqualified after the validation because of some misunderstanding, but everything is okay now. Once they validate your account, they will send you an email saying that u are ready to checkout with your item. Then, just go to the website and u will be able to "place order". I placed my order on the 14th of FEb. Now it is "Send to VEndor".


24-02-2006 15:38:40

Thanks for your quick response. Do you know if it's four business days or four regular days for the approval process?


24-02-2006 22:13:53

It took me 4 business days because my account got disqualified and i sent many emails to them to reinstate my account. I think as long as you have legitimate referrals, you might get approved by Monday. They dont process anything on the weekends. Once you are approved, the amount of time it takes for the mp3 players to get to you really depends on the mp3 player you ordered. I ordered the video black ipod with engraving, so i am guessing that would take a bit more. the iriver h10 and zen micro would take a few days less but not more. Currently my status reads "Send to Vendor".


27-03-2006 13:20:39

4 days is not too bad for approval.

EDIT Just got approved tonight. This was about 30 hours to get approved from the time I submitted.

Time frame so far
10/22/2004 - signed up and did offer (
10/26/2004 - offer credited
3/27/2006 - got 5th green, submitted for approval
3/28/2006 - approved, placed order.