Who all Received Today Besides Me?

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19-11-2004 12:48:50

Got my Ipod today from Ecost delivered by UPS.....Will try to take some pics tonight!


19-11-2004 12:59:20

I got it today, UPS just left it on my porch...i love UPS


19-11-2004 20:29:10

ups came today
wasnt home
they are coming back Monday


19-11-2004 23:54:06

It says delivered, but when I read that the post office on campus here had closed... so I'm gonna pick it up tomorrow. w000000t


20-11-2004 00:10:20

when did you guys order?

I hope to get mine before christmas, probably will order sometime next week.. i have 4 greens right now, need 1 more


20-11-2004 00:29:47

got 8 on pvp and 2 others SHOULD complete soon

hope to get mine before xmas also


20-11-2004 08:20:07

i got mine yesterday too. UPS left it on my porch.


21-11-2004 09:06:52

dang i have to wait till mon or tuesday. live all the way on west side and shipped last wednesday.


21-11-2004 15:21:27

I got mine friday too!

http//sweb.uky.edu/~djseeg2/ipodtable.jpg[" alt=""/imgd91a84585e]

[img="d91a84585e]http//sweb.uky.edu/~djseeg2/ipodinhand.jpg[" alt=""/imgd91a84585e]

congrats everyone