Question! After completing an offer...

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19-11-2004 10:39:47

Do my referrals, after they have completed the offer, HAVE to click that button that says, "I have completed this offer" in order for them to get the credit? Or does it not really matter? I can't find a direct answer under FAQs. Or maybe I'm oblivious?! Thanks everyone!


19-11-2004 11:23:30

you HAVE to. It lets OfferCentric know to update your account with the offer status.

It basically tells them that you need to be verified for offer completion.


19-11-2004 11:26:07

Thank you for responding!! THANK YOU, thank you! Now I have to tell those people to make sure they do that then. )


28-11-2004 16:47:46

ok let me get this straight....
i sign up for a 2 week trial for blockbuster online.
then i click "i have completed this offer" right after signing up, or after the 2 weeks?


29-11-2004 08:46:52

[quote449472f19d="hiredgun"]click "i have completed this offer" right after signing up[/quote449472f19d]