Got my iRiver today!

Live forum:


19-11-2004 10:09:20

I ordered on 11/9, have been in "Sent to Vendor" since whenever the majority of us went STV .. it came today! my status on the site still says STV though.. so maybe all of yours are en route!

Mine came from ECost


19-11-2004 10:25:29

wow, that's great news! did you even get a tracking number?


19-11-2004 10:55:41

I did not get a tracking number until about 5 minutes ago -- which is an hour after I received the product!

I'm psyched ) There is hope for everyone!

According to UPS's site, it was shipped Wednesday.


19-11-2004 10:57:59

Got my Ipod today.....wasn't there to receive...but got the door sticker! YES!!! UPS delivered....still no tracking number from offercentric...but who cares...LOL