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19-11-2004 06:16:03

Has anyone done blockbuster lately and gotten credit fast? or have a ref. that's done it? Just asking, 2 of mine did it yesterday. I hope they will get credit..the last one that did it never did. ( (


19-11-2004 07:13:41

friend did that back then got credited in 3 days.


19-11-2004 09:13:10

[quoted049c97f9b="kle89"]friend did that back then got credited in 3 days.[/quoted049c97f9b]

keywords [bd049c97f9b] back then [/bd049c97f9b]


19-11-2004 15:54:14

quite odd...maybe i'll contact OC


19-11-2004 15:56:33

It takes 2 weeks(14 days). They have to stay on the trial the whole time in order to get credit.


19-11-2004 15:58:21

[quote30cd915bf1]To receive credit you must register, select movies and remain an active member during the 2 week trial. Upon completion of the 2 week trial, you will receive credit.[/quote30cd915bf1]


19-11-2004 16:13:10

Oh what?? that sucks! They changed the requirements!!! ? ? ?


19-11-2004 16:14:52

How come i'm not seeing that on my offers page?


19-11-2004 16:25:56

Oh wait, this is Offer Centric we're talking isn't it... sorry. Haha. I don't know about mp3players4free... No one of my referrals have done that offer...


19-11-2004 16:35:36

Oh ok, lol u scared me...


20-11-2004 05:20:17

My sister signed up on Thursday the 18th and did the Blockbuster offer and received credit yesterday the 19th. So I think maybe they should have credit already? Did they use the link from the Complete Offer section. Offer Centric states this
"We will only give credit for referrals who sign up under your referral link; Some applications can remove the tracking part of the URL. Users assume this risk."
This about canceling early, will put your account on hold
"Negative feedback from any of our affiliates, or offers being immediately canceled."

So just make sure that they don't cancel early, even after receiving credit because they might take it back. My sister is staying w/ the trial for the 2 weeks anyways just to make sure. )

If they still don't receive credit in the next couple of days I would have THEM contact Offer Centric. Good luck!!


20-11-2004 07:16:20

Thanks D D


22-11-2004 18:10:39

i'm waiting on my last referral to go thru and i think they did blockbuster. they signed up last thurs. ? also, does anyone here know what the rule is to keep credit for the offer? (like emo said, gratis makes you stay until after the trial)


23-11-2004 01:30:03

I don't get it. One of my friends signed up for BB and got credit in a couple days. And the other signed up like 3 weeks ago and hasn't gotten credit. I guess he submitted a credit request and they said that could take 10 days. So I've been waiting like a month for my last green.



23-11-2004 15:53:28

I don't get it either..and it's frustrating too, i'm in the same sit. Plus two more people did blockbuster for me on thurs...still no credit.

squeaky ladida

23-11-2004 17:46:02

i got cred from blockbuster in 2 days