Yay, I signed up today!

Live forum: http://forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=3340


18-11-2004 10:06:16

I signed up w/ mp3 players because I couldn't deal with all the bad things I heard about Gratis (unexplained holds, etc). This seems to be a much better deal, and I like how it's laid out. I dont have any worries. We'll see what happens. I have one person signed up so far. And like 23 people on free ipods but NO ONE is turning green there.


18-11-2004 10:41:20

get used to alot of people not turning green


18-11-2004 10:58:35

You're definitely right. I'm estimating for maybe every 50 I have yellow, one will turn green. But who knows!


18-11-2004 11:12:43

I just know some cool people who are doing the other sites so they help me out and I am 4 completed 27 yellow. 1 more baby!


18-11-2004 11:46:11

emoemodude i must say that i'm insanely jealous. 9/10 for free photoipods? wow dude how do u do it?


18-11-2004 11:59:17

conga line and some very cool people


18-11-2004 12:34:38

That's awesome, 9/10 green. I'm REALLY jealous!! W/ my account on Offer Centric I'm asking people I know mainly to help out. My sister signed up for Blockbuster today, and I have someone on a message board I frequently post at helping me by doing an offer, while I do a referral for her. I signed up on a conga line, but I was an idiot and didn't do research about these things. So I basically just helped some random guy get his free stuff. Ah well! Gotta keep thinking positive here!


18-11-2004 12:41:51

I spoke too soon! My conga line actually seems to be picking up now, there's people under me! D