New Tickle IQ Test Offers

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15-02-2006 19:46:34

They've added 2 more Tickle IQ offers in addition to the regular one.
[ua0436e5e24][ba0436e5e24]Original Inkblot Test[/ba0436e5e24][/ua0436e5e24]

Tickle's Original Inkblot Test is the most thorough and scientific inkblot test available on the Web. This is the first and only inkblot test of its kind.
Take the Tickle InkBlot test and purchase the results.

[ua0436e5e24][ba0436e5e24]Tickle Brain Test[/ba0436e5e24][/ua0436e5e24]

Your brain is divided into two hemispheres, the right and the left. Find out which side of your brain is dominant.
Signup for the Tickle Brain Test and purchase the results.
Classic Tickle IQ Test
[ua0436e5e24]Take the Classic Tickle IQ Test - It's fun & PhD certified![/ba0436e5e24][/ua0436e5e24]
Take the Classic Tickle IQ Test and purchase the results.

I haven't found out if you can do the other test if you've already done the Classic one, but I'm sure you can.


15-02-2006 19:57:40

yea you can do each one. Pretty good too the inkblot is funny as hell. They ask more questions about sex then anything else.

I answered all the questions with evil undertones and my results were I was a peaceful person, lmao.

Plus its only $9.99


12-03-2006 13:04:07

Yeah those offers credit fast on and I love the inkblot result I got. )


15-03-2006 11:09:03

Do you have to sign up under a new account each time you take the test? Or can you use a current existing and still receive credit?