south beach diet.. A+

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15-02-2006 18:41:16

signed up for south beach diet for OC site (notebooks4free) and got credit within 1/2 hour. A+.


15-02-2006 19:10:15

even better, I got my engraved black video ipod today from OC!!!


16-02-2006 20:46:04

[quoted4b138b0fa="Iloveipods2"]even better, I got my engraved black video iPod today from OC!!![/quoted4b138b0fa]

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17-02-2006 03:41:02

That's not flaming... off-topic, but he's a noob who probably got his first iPod.


25-02-2006 06:39:52

so tell me about this South Beach diet offer. I'm assuming it's an OOD.

I need one more for my mp3players4free and that may be a reasonable offer I can get someone to do.


25-02-2006 06:58:11

It costs $5/week. They charge you a whooping $40-50 after you sign up though.


25-02-2006 09:24:50

[quoteffea83cf95="VrExe"]It costs $5/week. They charge you a whooping $40-50 after you sign up though.[/quoteffea83cf95]
So does that $40-50 include your first 4 weeks?

What kind of time commitment do they require for the offer?


28-02-2006 14:12:37

I'm not exactly sure what the requirement is but I think you have to stay on for at least four weeks. SO it ends up costing you $20, U will get the rest refunded once u call them.

unknown uchiha

28-02-2006 18:03:40

You pay $65 upfront, and then you have a four week "evaluation" period, you can discontinue if you don't like it afterwards and they refund you your money minus $5/week x 4 weeks = $20

And Pokernerd, that's not flaming. You're really getting on my nerves =/