Clarification on MacMinis4free

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12-02-2006 16:48:09

How many offers does this need?

Can somebody explain the OOD, and does this apply here?

Any other info I should know before getting into this?



12-02-2006 18:04:34

OOD stands for Offer Of Doom, and it means once you get to 6/8 refs or so they'll add really difficult offers.

I'm not sure how many refs it is though. I think it's 8 though.


13-02-2006 09:36:08

macminis4free is 10


13-02-2006 15:10:23

Not trying to imply cheating or anything, but would it work if you got all your refs together and they all did an offer at the same time?

Once again, not trying to imply cheating (so please don't ban me D).


13-02-2006 15:33:38

I think someone tried it and they were put on hold for suspicious activity... that's OC for you.


13-02-2006 16:22:23

well that is kinda suspicious. ALL ten of your refs completing the same offer within an hour of each other...... shrug


13-02-2006 18:11:49

wont work, nuff said


13-02-2006 19:03:53

Just do freepay.